overwhelmed with gratitude!

Thank you for a marvellous, memorable opening night with a lot of laughter, wild dances, liquid treats, new contacts, many flattering compliments, truffle pizzas and all of your hashtags!
If you could not make it to our Grand Opening have a look here:
Instagram, SZTZ/Merkur, Ganz München (video)

THE LOVELACE is a unique opportunity. A large unused space. In the middle of Munich. Turned into a hotel and public space for a limited time. 2017 – 2019.

In 4800 square meters, this is where exciting people and exciting ideas meet. Pop and politics, art and commerce, communities and the individual — it all comes together at THE LOVELACE.

We are where it’s at:
In the middle of
Munich’s premium shopping district.
Surrounded by the best museums,
theatres, restaurants, and nightlife.
All in walking distance.